TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN MONGOLIA face unique challenges. As the least densely populated country in the world, with a significant portion of the population living a nomadic lifestyle, it has been difficult for many traditional information and communication technology (ICT) companies to make headway into Mongolian society. With almost half the population clustered in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, most landline technologies are deployed there. Wireless technologies have had greater success in rural areas.

Mobile phones are common, with provincial capitals all having 3.5G access. Wireless local loop is another technology that has helped Mongolia increase accessibility to telecommunications and bypass fixed-line infrastructure.

For Internet, Mongolia relies on fiber optic communications with its Chinese and Russian neighbors.

In 2005 Mongolia's state-run radio and TV provider converted to a public service provider. Private radio and TV broadcasters, multi-channel satellite, and cable TV providers are also available.

·         187,600 fixed lines in use, 128th in the world (2011).

·         2.9 million mobile-cellular lines in use, 129th in the world (2011).

·         International dialing code: +976.

There are two landline telephone companies in Mongolia: Mongolia Telecom Company (MTC) and the Mongolian Railway Authority. MTC is a joint venture with Korea Telecom and partially publicly owned. MTC leases fiber-optic lines from the Mongolian Railway Authority and connects to all aimags and soums. The number of fixed-line phones in Mongolia is slowly decreasing. The majority of MTC subscribers are in Ulaanbataar.

Mobile phones are very popular in the city as well as the countryside. Especially in the countryside, the government is preferring the installation of cell phone base stations over laying land lines, as cell phone base stations are easier to install. Mongolia's Communication Authority has announced a plan to connect allsum center and a number of other settlements to cell phone services.


·         G-Mobile (CDMA) – Established in 2007, it is focusing on development in rural areas

·         Mobicom Corporation (GSM) – The first mobile operator

·         Skytel (CDMA)

·         Unitel (GSM)