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The Thousand Camel Festival, held amidst the dazzling scenery of the Gobi Desert, is a celebration of the endangered Bactrian camel and the important role it plays in the lives of the Gobi’s nomads. Camel races and polo competitions, as well as performances of traditional Mongolian music and dance, are among the highlights of this annual event.

AreaCamel festival in Gobi desert 2019

Date: March 6 - March 8

Duration: 5night/ 6 days

Total distance: 1750 km

Accommodation: Ger guesthouse prepared by Nomads 

Day 1. 05 Mar. Start trip to South Gobi's center called Dalanzadgad.
 Would be little bit longer driving but on a good new road no tiring. /600 km/
Day 2. 06 Mar. Drive to Bulgan village where the camel festival held. /100 km/

• 10.00 -12.30:  Camel polo tournament.

• 14.00 - Opening ceremony of "Camel festival-2017" and Camel parade.

  Tournament of "The Best Couple on Camelback"

• 15.00 - Ankle bone shooting tournament- Mongolian traditional game • 17.00 - Camel polo tournament final rounds and Local expo of children's artworks "Camel- My friend"

• 18.00 - Children's concert

Overnight in Bayanzag flaming cliff, place famous for it's dinosaur finding. /15 km/

Day 3. 07 Mar. Camel race day

The second day of the festival. Today we will enjoy camel race • 09.00 - Camel race.

• 10.30 - Camel race.

• 12.00 - Torom (2 years old camel) race

• 13.00 - Break for lunch • 15.00 - "Camel express" competition for herders

• 17.00 - Rewarding and closing ceremony

Continue drive to Khongor Sand dune. These are Mongolia's largest sand dunes, reaching height of 300 meters in some areas. You will have an opportunity to visit a camel herdsman's family to explore their way of life, their culture and traditions. The sand dunes change color with each hour of the day, from yellow to silver to rose-colored at (dawn/ sundown). 

Day 4. 08 Mar. Start trip driving to Yol Valley /called ice valley/ 'Eagle Valley'. Take a trip to Yol Am and Dungene valley - a wonderfully picturesque place with ice in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. Enjoy small hiking and photographing the charming landscape and wildlife. These areas are situated in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park that encompasses the "Three Beauties" peaks and the most easterly points of the Altai Mountains

Day 5. 09 Mar. Drive to Tsagaan Suvraga /White Stupa/ White Stupa is located in MIddle Gobi. The name Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa) is given by local people to the impressive and legendary cliff which is eroded by natural phenomen on. Having 10 million years history, the cliff indicates different times by its colored layers. Tsagaan Suvarga is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. Enjoy hiking around colorful Stupa, feeling like meditation in there.


Day 6. 10 Mar, Drive back to Ulaanbaatar city.

Services included in the price:                 

Car: Driver, gasoline, cooking gear, sleeping bag,

Fee: National Park, Musuems, 

Tour guide /English speaking/: cook for you with fried brown whole wheat organic rice, salad, beef, root veggie and for breakfast tea, coffee, sugar, bread, jam, cheese, butter, sausage, egg,

Food: B, L, D & once a traditional special barbeque with hot stones/named Khorkhog/

Tour Activity: Stay in Mongolian yurt (Ger), visit nomad family and cook traditional meal with them,  see the camel festival in Gobi Desert

Accommodate: Ger guesthouse prepared by nomads with squat toilet outside

Services not included in the price:

Personal expenses like special drink and snack.