32 Days 310nights

Area: Central, Western & North Mongolia

Duration: 31 Nights/ 32 Days

Total distance: 5000 km

Accommodation: Ger guesthouse prepared by nomads

  • This tour is designed for those who like to challenge themselves with outdoor activities Bayan Olgii, Tsagaaan nuur of Western Mongolia.
  • Your participation in this trip is helping to financially support nomadic families living in Mongolia. 


Day 1. Amarbaysgalant Monastery
Day 2. Khanui River 
Day 3. Moron city for permission
Day 4. Khowsgol Lake, 
Day 5. Khowsgol Lake 
Day 6  Tsagaan nuur
Day 7-10. Start horse trip to reindeer family
Day 11. Tsagaan nuur
Day 12.  Moron 
Day 13. Tsetserleg Village
Day 14. Tes 
Day 15. Uvs Nuur through Golden Sand
Day 16. Uureg Lake
Day 17. Olgii 
Day 18-21. Trekking to the altai tavan bogd 
Day 22. Khurgan Khoton Lake
Day 23. Khurgan Khoton Lake
Day 24. Olgii center
Day 25. Khyrgas Lake  
Day 26. Bayan nuur
Day 27. Telmen nuur 
Day 28. Terkhiin tsagaan nuur
Day 29. Horse trip to Khorgo Volcano
Day 30. Tsenkher Hot Spring
Day 31. Elsen tasarkhai /semi gobi/
Day 32. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Note: All the packages are not final and it can be modified and customized upon your request in terms of days and destinations to be simply added or eliminated. Please inquire your request within.

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